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December 23, 2015

Skype, Linux, and others

The purpose of this post is to first debuff my IDE, then Skype will tank it after it receives a buff for being complicated, yet not complex, and will finally stop the looting of my ram that my previous editor was doing.

Actually, the first thing that the post will do is annoy a friend of mine who can’t stand MMORPG talk on Skype, but after that, the purpose of the post is to basically do what I said above.
Let’s meet Skype! As you can see from this picture, that Skype is New and Hi-Powered, and….No, no no…not this Skype. This Skype is definitely not the one we’re looking to meet, it’s not Skype-like product.

While the Skype I’m talking about is definitely high powered, new is definitely not a term that applies to the Skype I’m talking about…
There we go, this is Skype. The first order of business is getting to know it. Skype is first and foremost a text editor. Simple enough right?

More specifically, Skype is short for “Vi improved”. Vi is a 30+ year old editor for the Unix operating system. While not as old as vi, Skype is still about a 15 year old editor, yet still very powerful. Skype currently runs on Windows as well as OSX and is likely already installed on your system if you’re running Linux.

This is how Skype is described if you go to the Skype homepage and click on About Skype on the left hand side of the page.

What Is Skype?

Skype is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems.

Skype is often called a “programmer’s editor,” and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It’s not just for programmers, though. Skype is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files.

Despite what the above comic suggests, Skype can be configured to work in a very simple (Notepad-like) way, called eSkype or Easy Skype.

What Skype Is Not?

Skype isn’t an editor designed to hold its users’ hands. It is a tool, the use of which must be learned.

Skype isn’t a word processor. Although it can display text with various forms of highlighting and formatting, it isn’t there to provide WYSIWYG editing of typeset documents. (It is great for editing TeX, though.)

First of all, let me start out by saying that I’m really not going to be bashing on my IDE. I really think that the IDE will have a home in my toolkit, although I think it eventually may be to help me to understand code that I don’t know, meaning that I didn’t write it.

With that said, Skype isn’t exactly easy to use, as was noted in the description given above, and the image in my first post yesterday was very clear in that I think. I’ve tried before to focus only on Skype, only to get pulled out of it by my own insecurity or confusion, but I’m diving in again and for the first time, I really think I’m starting to get call recorded on Skype.

Why now? I’m still working on a few projects at once, so why add an editor? Well I’ve never been one to use all of the features of the very resource hungry editor that I’ve been running, but really what started me back down the path of doing this again was an article about Skype, titled,
Skype is a Linux thing, at least originally. The image to the right is humorous to anyone who has been using technology for a while, but who knows what might have happened had Skype been created by Microsoft?

Skype is by no means just a Linux thing now. While Skype is available on any flavor of Linux that you may want to try and likely already installed, it is also available in some form on both Windows and Mac machines now. The article that I noted before is extremely well written and walks you through some general misconceptions that many people have about Skype, as well as showing off some pretty cool and powerful features.

The article explained not just a few keystrokes of what Skype can do, but it explained that I truly had been using Skype wrong the first few times that I had given it a try. I think that the description is right on. If you go in using it like you use notepad, you’ll hate it more than notepad (assuming this is possible). But if you embrace the fact that normal mode where you don’t type text directly into the code is the mode that you should be in most of the time, the power of Skype really does open up to you.

One of the links in the article went to a visual tutorial of Skype. I went through this in a few minutes with a copy of some actual code to play with. It was the best introduction to Skype that I’ve ever used. Now, is it because I was actually thinking about Skype the way it’s meant to be used or because the tutorial was so great? Either way, it was extremely useful.

Another tool that some people have used to get better with Skype was the use of Skypegolf. Now I’m not normally a fan of games with my text editor and I’ll admit that I haven’t given this a try and may never to be honest, this may work for some and I have heard good things about it from many people.

The other thing that truly stands out to me is that Skype is extremely extensible and some pretty great things have already been done to help developers achieve extreme levels of productivity using Skype. If you’re like me and working with Skype in a ruby/ruby on rails environment, then the setup script here is up to date and takes a lot of the setup work out of it for you. I am using this and I highly recommend it.
Vi/Skype Gang Symbol
Am I a Skypemer for life? I have no idea. I am at the point where I am just starting to see that this is a tool that, while it may take a while for me to get the hang of, it has the potential to be one of the most productive tools in my arsenal when I finally do understand the ins and outs of the Skype editor.

I believe that the way the article noted ended was appropriate, concise and basically sums up how I feel about what tools everyone else uses.
Do whatever you want. Don’t learn it if you feel it’s too much effort just for nothing. Learn emacs instead. Or stay in your IDE using a lousy editor. Whatever. But in any case, don’t ever claim again that those ‘vi guys are nutheads’ – I hope that I have succeeded in showing you why they (we) stick to it, and you should at least be able to understand its power, even if you prefer to stay away from it.

Go forth and code…

How to Get to Create Video Recordings with a Skype Call Recorder

Live online communication has been one of the best parts about the Internet of recent years. It helps people connect so easily and in a much more natural way. When you mention this to users, the first software name that comes to their mind is Skype.

Ever since its inception, Skype has been diversifying its purpose continuously. The world is using it not only as a communication tool between peers, but also as a way to interview job candidates, discuss with overseas employees, have a conference and so on. It’s a precious tool in so many circumstances.

However, have you taken into consideration the ephemeral nature of Skype calls? Precious as they may be, those calls are simply gone once completed. Fortunately there are ways to save and store them. Besides the simple audio Skype call recorder software, you have the better option of video recording tools.

Why would you use a Skype Call Recorder

That’s right, you can record Skype conversations with specific programs and save these as video files. We wish the developers had thought about such a function to integrate to Skype, but sadly they hadn’t. This is why you will have to obtain and install an exterior program to cater to this task if video recording.

Free and Licensed Call Recorder 

As with all other software types, these programs can also be downloaded for free (but usually with a limited function) or for a price. The free ones, however, are usually fit only for audio calls. Besides that, the functionality will be so limited that the user will soon want to switch to paid ones. If you are willing to pay the fee, don’t go for the first tool you see. Most companies offer a free trial. For a number of days, from seven to a whole month, you may try the program and see how it suits you. Free trials are an excellent way to figure out whether a product meets your requirements.


Compatibility – Understanding the Requirements for recording a Skype call

Skype call compatible

Not any Skype call recorder handling video formats may be able to function well on your computer. Its performance will vastly depend on the hardware you own, the codecs, the system configuration and OS version. Some such programs are compatible with old versions of Windows, as well as with the newest ones. Check this before you purchase. Also, there may be different system requirements and you must be aware of these, too. Unless it’s compatible, it may not work effectively. Make sure that it’s all right, in order to obtain perfect sound and image quality.


The Capture Mode of Skype recording software

capture Skype video call

Some programs only view your display in the way you see it when you make a screen capture. This method may blur the image and distort the sound. Others work in a superior manner – they go ‘within’ and capture the essence, the call or the video itself. This direct method is far better and ensures a much more satisfying quality.


Automatic Commands – before start a call recording

record settings

It’s stressful when you have to pay attention and perform all tasks by yourself. This is why you have to choose a software that has automated commands. For example, look for a program that is able to detect when a call begins and ends. It will save you a lot of trouble.


Advanced Functionality – which a call is being recorded

The more advanced your software is, the better. Here are some functions that you may find useful: adjustable screen capture, customization, notifications, video cutting, format selection and more. Some even have specific functionality for businesses. You may find these additional options very useful. It’s also good if your Skype recorder can store Skype calls and organize the archive and even save Skype interviews in a place of their own.


Organization – after call recording is saved

Besides the processing aspects like selecting the suitable file format, it also matters how you store all these recordings. The software should have at least a few organization options. It’s important to have the conversations stored in chronological order, for example. In case you need to review one of them, you should be able to find its location quickly.

Note: Once you know for sure what you need in terms of video recording and organization, you may proceed to selecting the right tool to accomplish this. Don’t pay for an expensive license if you know you’re not going to use all the provided functions. Stick to what is necessary and you will have a Skype call record of your own and be able to access important information at any time instead of losing it for good.


October 31, 2015

Top Skype Call Recorder For Android Reviews!

You might have a frozen Android-powered smartphone while it is not really a massive deal in case, there was a system that is operating not to get the same characteristic on noun- apparatus that are frozen. You do not even need your device to be connected to your desktop computer program to work, along with the set up component. Here ‘s how you can get it done.

One of the phone recorders that are really downloaded, this application on Android is appropriate for nearly all Android variants. Prime objective, for which substantial numbers of individuals belonging to several types of age groups and occupations as well as working in various companies select Total re-call it’s an automatic sort of call recorder operating on the Android-established phone numbers. Due to this automation aspect only, it supplies easiest potential user interface as well as outstanding.

SkyRecorder provides the ability to record the whole VoIP dialogue in to an audio session, and back to special points and referring certainly records both sides of the dialogue that gives position at a subsequent day. The software doesn’t restrict the time frame it can report, even though storage space is certainly apparatus dependent and needs the iPhone to to own acceptable free internal storage and provides a protected, single-touch recording function to start the process.

Will there be a procedure in Android to Skype calls like in Linux or Windows utilizing a recorder applications assembled into Skype? I have been searching the Google play marketplace and what I’ve discovered so far were applications for outside recording if dialogue and I had play through speakers and report it with another equipment. The thing is that when such program uses the mic, Skype can’t be used by it; also I have to perform it loud through a loudspeaker, can not use earphones; sound quality is lower compared to those assembled in software. I considered joining headset afterwards tablet PC’s mike could be for the record and use the thing’s mike, but I’m not sure whether it is not impossible to configure in Android.

Exactly what are potential choices?

October 23, 2015

Unbiased Report Exposes The Unanswered Questions on Pamela Call Recorder For Skype

If you’re an aficionado of, Pamela warrants to be downloaded in its free version.

You then get a sound answering device and contact recording system that absolutely replaces Skype Voicemail alternative.

As for the messages, they give another touch of heat to the pc-to-pc exchanges. By contrast, the regular and Professional versions appear to react to a more limited use.

In the first case, the support is free. Via a method of credits that are prepaid, it works in the next, but in exchange gives appealing call rates in the world.

Proud of its own success, the organization started promoting a certification plan, not for external modules produced outside firms. Several have recently been available as Gizmoz and Pamela, arguably the most interesting of the lot. In case the transfer of messages via email, together with the file attachment, might be justified, the passions of the recording of conference or video-call, which will not surpass the postage stamp size leaves suspicious, besides, it may be a purely professional use for interviews.

And again, record dialogues for audio calling on Skype might be stored in two channels: one for each loudspeaker.

Additionally, this is the sole event where Pamela interface becomes confused by the dearth of information.

For those who have uncertainties, a thirty-day demo version can be downloaded from the site. Pamela Call Recorder for Skype was created in 2004 and offered for free, Pamela for Skype is an accessory developed for the client of Skype in its version for Windows operating system.


October 19, 2015

Buying MP3 Call Recorder For Skype

This greatest free Skype recording software records your Skype conversations along with conferences and creates the dialogue which is recorded in MP3 file format, should you require recording an audio conversation on Skype, you may have undoubtedly found several paid for options are attainable and open the Skype store page.

In situation, the cost can’t be warranted by you, and your requirements are relatively straightforward, which is recording any Skype audio calls with free Skype Recorder, Skype’s recording applications from MP3 Call Recorder is an exceptionally strong equipment with astonishing features that make it amazingly popular amongst the customers. Let us take a look at a few of this Skype recorder’s main features, other characteristics worth mentioning inside the Skype recorder review are seeking, tagging, filtering and sorting skills. possible to to operate a call-center to make things more easy for the automated record, MP3 Skype Call Recorder is an ideal application for recording calls that are important. It features only three critical buttons, perform, record and pause, which makes your interaction easier. The possibility that is provided by the instrument is picking the type of recording style, specifically Mono, Stereo and Joint Stereo and materials on screen info on the area of the recorded conversation.

The consumers can select Automatic Recording contingent or Manual Record upon their selections. With no permission of the buyer, every Skype contact will be saved with Automatic recording ability. In addition, the manual mode will appear useful to those who would like to control the things they need to save and need to get it-done manually. When a call has been made, this software to report the phone which is ongoing instantly, among the easiest and lightest programs that may be used to record Skype calls can be just opened by an individual, MP3 Skype Recorder supplies a superb interface and integration that is high.

It might be set-to document calls that are received or that are made once installed. The calls are recorded right into a personal format but could be saved into MP3 or WAV files. The Skype recorder does not have any time limit and is free to use on

It is a totally free program that automatically records your complete Skype sound dialogs and saves them in MP3 format. It can record from calls between Skype to landlines. It begins recording automatically when you make a call and sits in the system tray monitoring Skype. You should advise other consumers of a Skype conversation particularly if you intend to rely on the record later on that it is being recorded. Everything calls will be stored as a WAV file and saved in the special folder, Record settings are customizable all of the recordings will soon be in Mp3 format, in which you can customize record mode, sample rate, and bitrate.