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November 16, 2015

How to Get to Create Video Recordings with a Skype Call Recorder

Live online communication has been one of the best parts about the Internet of recent years. It helps people connect so easily and in a much more natural way. When you mention this to users, the first software name that comes to their mind is Skype.

Ever since its inception, Skype has been diversifying its purpose continuously. The world is using it not only as a communication tool between peers, but also as a way to interview job candidates, discuss with overseas employees, have a conference and so on. It’s a precious tool in so many circumstances.

However, have you taken into consideration the ephemeral nature of Skype calls? Precious as they may be, those calls are simply gone once completed. Fortunately there are ways to save and store them. Besides the simple audio Skype call recorder software, you have the better option of video recording tools.

Why would you use a Skype Call Recorder

That’s right, you can record Skype conversations with specific programs and save these as video files. We wish the developers had thought about such a function to integrate to Skype, but sadly they hadn’t. This is why you will have to obtain and install an exterior program to cater to this task if video recording.

Free and Licensed Call Recorder 

As with all other software types, these programs can also be downloaded for free (but usually with a limited function) or for a price. The free ones, however, are usually fit only for audio calls. Besides that, the functionality will be so limited that the user will soon want to switch to paid ones. If you are willing to pay the fee, don’t go for the first tool you see. Most companies offer a free trial. For a number of days, from seven to a whole month, you may try the program and see how it suits you. Free trials are an excellent way to figure out whether a product meets your requirements.


Compatibility – Understanding the Requirements for recording a Skype call

Skype call compatible

Not any Skype call recorder handling video formats may be able to function well on your computer. Its performance will vastly depend on the hardware you own, the codecs, the system configuration and OS version. Some such programs are compatible with old versions of Windows, as well as with the newest ones. Check this before you purchase. Also, there may be different system requirements and you must be aware of these, too. Unless it’s compatible, it may not work effectively. Make sure that it’s all right, in order to obtain perfect sound and image quality.


The Capture Mode of Skype recording software

capture Skype video call

Some programs only view your display in the way you see it when you make a screen capture. This method may blur the image and distort the sound. Others work in a superior manner – they go ‘within’ and capture the essence, the call or the video itself. This direct method is far better and ensures a much more satisfying quality.


Automatic Commands – before start a call recording

record settings

It’s stressful when you have to pay attention and perform all tasks by yourself. This is why you have to choose a software that has automated commands. For example, look for a program that is able to detect when a call begins and ends. It will save you a lot of trouble.


Advanced Functionality – which a call is being recorded

The more advanced your software is, the better. Here are some functions that you may find useful: adjustable screen capture, customization, notifications, video cutting, format selection and more. Some even have specific functionality for businesses. You may find these additional options very useful. It’s also good if your Skype recorder can store Skype calls and organize the archive and even save Skype interviews in a place of their own.


Organization – after call recording is saved

Besides the processing aspects like selecting the suitable file format, it also matters how you store all these recordings. The software should have at least a few organization options. It’s important to have the conversations stored in chronological order, for example. In case you need to review one of them, you should be able to find its location quickly.

Note: Once you know for sure what you need in terms of video recording and organization, you may proceed to selecting the right tool to accomplish this. Don’t pay for an expensive license if you know you’re not going to use all the provided functions. Stick to what is necessary and you will have a Skype call record of your own and be able to access important information at any time instead of losing it for good.


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